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    Cavalier Abattoir
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    Cavalier Foods
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The Cavalier Group of Companies specializes in creating the shortest and most cost effective route for red meat products from farm to fork.

The Group encompass a full vertically integrated value chain, consisting of the following entities:

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Cavalier Foods
Cavalier Foods is an established meat packing plant, situated outside Cullinan, Gauteng and has been in business, since 1998. The factory was designed to pack various retail and case ready cuts, using the latest packing technology for both fresh beef and lamb. Deliveries are done on a daily basis over almost 2/3’ s of the country, utilizing the company’s own refrigerated fleet.
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Cavalier Livestock
Cavalier Livestock is a livestock trading house with a footprint in all 9 provinces. It exists for more than 40 years and deals in all different categories of production animals : goats, sheep, lamb, slaughter cattle and weaner cattle. The entity is led by one of the partners, Alvin Steenkamp who has more than 25 years' experience in this field.
Cavalier Abattoir
The Cavalier beef and lamb abattoirs are situated on the same premises as our packaging factories and feedlot. The beef abattoir is approved to slaughter 300 head of cattle per day, and sheep abattoir 1800 sheep.
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Cavalier Feeders
Cavalier Feeders was purpose build to add the final growth to lamb before entering the meat production chain. It is situated on Boekenhout Farm, just outside of Pretoria and houses up to 20 000 head of sheep. It has its own in-house feed factory where rations are mixed according to specific requirements.


 The Group prides itself in a unique supply chain, with special capabilities to offer a service and product, that cannot be rivalled easily.
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